Bret H said:

My 2 friends and I traveled 1200 miles from Northern Minnesota to fish Brown Trout with Jeremy on April 8th & 9th, we had a fantastic time with Jeremy & his crew, they went out of their way to make sure everything was taken care of to make our trip successful. Even though some bad weather blew in the day before, Jeremy contacted me and told me he had moved his boat to a different marina were we could find calmer water to fish in. Everything Jeremy did was extremely professional, he did a fantastic job, and we caught lots of nice fish. His boat is one of the nicer ones I have fished on. I would highly recommend booking a trip with JD’s charters, you won’t be disappointed. Thanks again Jeremy for making our trip so memorable & successful.

Derek H said:

I’ve had the opportunity to fish with Capt. Jeremy on several occasions and highly recommend him. His knowledge of the lake and the patterns for the fish you’re targeting are superior. He’s open, honest, and works harder than any other charter Capt. to make sure you have the opportunity to catch fish. Don’t miss an opportunity to fish with Capt. Jeremy!

Capt Chris Mandell said:

Keep smokin em kid best of luck and great job with the Turner Charter! Fishing buddies for 15 years heres to 50 more…

Roger Lowden said:

I am moved to write after reading about you in the D&C and checking your excellent website. I was an early charter captain, fishing out of the Genesee River. I live about 6 miles from Sandy Creek which I still fish in the fall. My fishing activity has been limited by a stroke but my interest has’nt waned. The happiest days of my life were the charter fishing days. I count Paul Nau and Charley Chick among my good friends at Sandy Creek. Someday I’ll stop by to meet you, if you don’t
mind the ravings of an old man. Keep up the good work; its great for your business and the industry. Roger

FishPainter said:

A truly impressive charter you gave Jeff and Taylor. It’s a credit to you and your service, how they enjoyed the day. They gave you good reviews on thier website www.fish5050.com. I love to fish Sandy creek. The steely’s are the best ever in your area.

Paul Bloom said:

How do you go about thanking someone who quite literally saved your life, for that is what you did this past Monday. Were it not for the quick action of you and your mate in getting me to shore and arranging to have an emergency squad waiting at the dock, I would not be here today. Less than five minutes after arriving at the hospital, they had cut off my clothing and were in the process of starting my heart cathterization. The doctor told me yesterday it was what they call an
arrested heart attack, one that miraculously was stopped by near immediate intervention. He also told me that the staff were astounded when they checked my blood enzymes and discovered that I had suffered virtually zero damage to the heart muscle. Those truly were golden minutes and you are the men who gave them to me. I am forever in your debt. Very truly yours, Paul D. Bloom

Jamie said:

Awesome, upbeat, and user friendly site! Perhaps, you will have convinced me to finally, alas, give fishing a real chance 🙂

Paul Bloom said:

Jeremy: Thanks for a great day on the water! I have caught a lot of fish during my lifetime but having the opportunity to watch all three boys land their first salmon gave me more pure pleasure than anything else I’ve done in years. All of us truly appreciate the efforts of you and your partner. The two of you made this a trip none of us will ever forget. As one of my grandsons told me on the way home, “You know grandpa, it was just like one of those shows on television.”

Paul Bloom said:
Please give me a a call with your open dates for August and September (Sundays prefered.) My son and the grandkids are all excited at the prospect. I think your suggestion about starting the day on Lake Trout and then switching to salmon for the last hour or two makes a lot of sense. Thanks again, Paul D. Bloom 518-661-5653

Wayne, from Maine said:

Great looking site, very user friendly. It was nice talking with you. You got me really excited about this years brown trout fishing… Thanks for helping me out!

Kayla said:

Nice website J! When can I go catch myself a fish with captain jeremy?

Jessica M said:

What a great site it really answers all the questions I could ask! I want to charter for Tonys Birthday I think we both would love it. I will talk to you later. Good luck and I will continue to spread the word!

Lisa B. said

hey I need to talk to you about a charter for Jeff’s brothers batcholer party!! I can’t wait to go fishing with you!

Chris said:

This kid is a great fisherman, coming from a fellow Master Captain let me tell you i have fished with Jeremy for over 13 years and definitely recommend his knowledge and presence on the water. this is sure to be a successful charter business.