Fishing Reports

The Shakedown- Trek to the Oak 4/14

After getting everything done on the Boat “to do” list and finally a good weather forecast we set up this past Saturday to Move the new Boat from Sodus Bay at Krenzers Marine to Oak Orchard for her stay this season. Everything went smoothly and we even snuck in some fishing along the way! Boat ran great and we got to see the gorgeous shoreline view the whole way. After a brief break in Irondequoit Bay to see some family and take them for a boat ride we ended up back on our way and doing some fishing in and around the Sandy Creek area.

We ran 6 rods off the otter boards working from 6-25 ft of water in search of a bonus pod of kings but ended up with a dozen or so all BTs up to 8 lbs hitting the deck with a handful more that did not. Had a couple double headers, slime up the deck for the first time and got another day and experience under my belt with owning/operating a bigger boat.

The new riggers are set to arrive from Traxtech this week and those are going to be getting installed ASAP when they arrive. All of these reports of kings are making the urge to get out even stronger….

Here are a few pictures